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Things to Know Before You Rent

Every Event Venue has varying rules and conditions based on their location and amenities.  To help make your research a bit easier, we've listed some of the top items to consider when renting below.

  • General Rule:  The Honoree and Renter must be at least 21 Years of Age.

  • Beverages:  We have a full service lounge on site.  As a result, all beverages (alcohol & non-alcoholic) must be supplied by us.  No outside beverages are allowed without prior written permission. This includes, but is not limited to sodas, bottled waters, alcohol, punch, juice, etc.  We offer a host or no-host bar service and a beverage bar with non-alcoholic selections.  

  • Food:  All food (main course, desserts, appetizers or snacks) MUST BE from a licensed caterer, restaurant or facility.  You cannot provide home made food for your event.  We have a list of preferred caterers.  However, you may also chose to use your own caterer.  The caterer is required to have a current license with the Health Department and must carry a Liability Insurance.  

  • Insurance:  As with most hall rentals in California we do require that the renter obtain one day Event Insurance.  We offer the appropriate coverage at a discounted rate of $176.  You may also discuss alternatives with the event coordinator. 

  • Security:  Depending on the size and time of your event, we may be required to have one or more security guards on site.  Security guards are charged at a rate of $55 per hour per guard.

  • Kitchen Use:  The Kitchen may only be used for refrigeration (i.e. to chill desserts / wedding cake) or by your caterer for "staging".  No cooking may be done on-site.  Ovens, Stoves and Kitchen equipment are reserved for use by Employees only.

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